There are many experts online who will be eager to tell you how to lose weight quickly. However, mere tips on losing weight will not suffice. One should also learn what you should not do if you want to lose weight quickly.

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a-    Avoid sudden and extreme measures
These include waking up early one morning and running 20 miles without any warm up or stretching or eating nothing but a single fruit during the entire day for multiple days at a stretch. Such measures make you feel that you are losing weight quickly. However, all you will succeed in doing is losing lots of water. The weight that you lose as a result of such exercises will not remain lost for long.      

b-     Avoid being too soft on your body
People think they know their body very well and they know how to lose weight quickly. They are scared of moving out of their comfort zone and doing something that will put stress on their body. There is no point in resorting to such remedies. You will feel nice as long as you are in a position to con yourself that you are doing fine.

c-    Do not get obsessed with remedies that teach you how to lose weight quickly
For some persons, the fact that the remedy promises to teach them how to lose weight quickly is the best remedy ever. They do not bother to analyze other pros and cons. The end result is that they fall ill as a result of such unscientific and harmful remedies.