The so-called human papilloma virus is the cause of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) genital warts.  Genital warts are the most common STD in the world today.  However, with the development of a vaccine for HPV we should see a decline of the spread of this virus in the coming years ahead.

According to medical research there are approximately 100 strains of the HPV.  Most of these strains are harmless and cannot cause permanent damage or harm.  Among these harmless strains are the ones called strain 6 and strain 11.  These two strains account for 90% of genital wart infections.

While strain 16 and strain 18 of the HPV, are the origins of cervical and penile cancer.  They are quite deadly but are rare in most of the cases.  However, people should still be wary in contracting this disease not only because of the possibility of contracting starin16 and 18 but also the fact that this disease can easily be transferred.  It is therefore necessary to get rid of genital warts the soonest time possible.

Genital warts can be contracted from indiscriminate sexual contact especially without the protection of latex condoms.  The chance of contracting the virus from an infected person is 60% even if the encounter is just once.  That is how deadly it is.

For the females, genital warts appear in the vulva, in the vaginal walls, around the anus and in the cervix.  For the males genital warts appear in the penis, in the scrotum and around the anus.  The mouth and the throat can also be infected if the person concerned has done oral sex with an infected partner.

Generally, the incubation period for this disease takes around several weeks or even months.  The first symptoms will only appear after that long period of time.  That is why people might not know that they are already infected even without the symptoms because of the long gestation period.  Thus, for them getting rid of genital warts are not really necessary.

The common way of how to get rid of genital warts is thru immunization.  Scientists have recently developed a vaccine for HPV.  This is the best defense against the four strains of HPV mentioned above.  It is being given over a period of six months and within that period three shots can be administered. This should especially be given to women whose ages range from 11 to 30 years old.  This is the stage where females are sexually active and where condition exists that change the normal flora of the vagina.

Another way to treat genital warts is thru the use of genital warts cream like the topical ointment Aldara (imiquimod), Condylox (podofilox), trichloroacetic acid or 5-fluorouracil.  These are usually prescribed by medical doctors so before taking any of these medications be sure to consult first with your doctor.

However, for those warts that tend to recur even after medications have been applied it is always better to have it removed surgically.  Surgery means having it removed thru laser surgery, cryosurgery or thru electrocautery.  Surgery is often advised for warts that are rather large or when the warts do not respond to the usual medications being applied.

Another common way of getting rid of genital warts is thru the use of an anti-viral drug.  This is usually injected and the medication is allowed to go directly inside the bloodstream.  The drug most commonly used is interferon.  However, this drug is quite expensive for ordinary people.  Again, this is also being prescribed by most doctors nowadays.

However, as with any other advice especially as regards sex and the diseases it brings, abstinence is still the best form of protection against any sexually transmitted disease.  This is not only the simplest but also the cheapest way to avoid genital warts.

People should be loyal to their partners and avoid having sex with people who are most vulnerable to STD.  This includes commercial sex workers and people engaging in frequent sex with strangers.  It is just a matter of being moral and ethical in the choices that we make that we can safeguard ourselves against this STD.  As they say prevention is better than the cure.

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