Backache, as the name suggest, is nothing but pain in the back. It is one of the most common ailments of the mankind. Medically, it can be considered as lumbago especially when the backache is lower backache. It is a discomfort in the area of lower back and this pain could be acute or chronic. If it has lasted more than couple of months, it needs medical attention. Backache can affect a person at any age but it is commonly seen with people above 50 yr.

There are many reasons that can cause backache. Backache is very commonly seen in women. Most common reason is menstrual periods. Some of the health ailments such as slipped disks, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis etc can also give rise to backache. Rarely, deformation of natural spine curvature (scoliosis), tumors and infections in spine can cause backache.

Home remedies for backache:

• Some of the experts suggest drinking glucose or honey in warm water early in the morning with empty stomach. This can be useful treating backache.

• One of the most effective remedy treating backache is doing Yoga and Pranayama. These techniques tone up the muscles and do wonders in curing backaches.

• Heat packs give great relief in backache. You can have them as much as possible.

• Some of the naturopaths suggest that lemon is useful as home remedy for backache. The juice of one lemon mixed with common salt and given to the patent twice a day for about one month may give great relief from backache.

• Raw potato can be considered as useful home remedy for treating backache. Application of raw potato in the form of poultice will be great idea to lower down the pain from the back.

• If you are obese, try to reduce the weight. Obesity worsens the case of backache.

• Massaging is the time tested and trusted home remedies treating backaches. One can use herbal oils to massage the back. Do it regularly for 6 months to get maximum results.

• Changing the lifestyle such as change in postures, sleeping habits and bending forward will be helpful treating backaches. One should sleep on the flat surface; this will be helpful relieving the backache.

• Some doctors suggest that Vitamin C plays important role in treating the backache. One should consume Vitamin C regularly in the form of pills or eating those vegetables and fruits that have Vitamin C.

• Applying garlic oil will be one of the most effective home remedies for treating the backache. For this, take about 10 small garlic pieces and then fry them in little oil. You can use sesame oil, coconut oil or mustard oil. You must fry till the garlic cloves turn light brown. Cool the garlic oil completely. Apply it on the back regularly and massage it deeply. This is very beneficial treating any kind of backaches.

• One of the Ayurvedic drugs called ‘sallaki’ has proven its efficacy treating the backache. This wonderful drug is available in the form of pills and capsules.